Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gear: #2 Hammock, Bugnet/Bug Tent and Tarp Pitching

It is good to practice the set up of shelters before heading into the bush. Many times this is just setting up the tent in backyard. With a hammock and tarp you need to have trees the correct distance apart. Unfortunately I don’t have trees to set up with so I headed to a local county park that has campsites. I have only set up the hammock twice so practice is important. I also learned a new method of attaching the tarp to the ridgeline that offers better adjustment especially during a rain storm. By practicing, I learn what I need to do to lower the tarp and tighten up before it starts raining. That way during a storm it will be less hectic.

The bug net I created also doubles as a bug tent. It can be pitched using trekking poles or with a ridgeline of the tarp. Originally I used a velcro closure but I have found this to be a bit hard on the Tulle I used to create the net. I have since added a collar of rip stop with shockcord to cinch up the end. Testing continues on if it is the best route.

Knotty's Gathered End Hammock Tutorial

I got the idea for the tarp pitching from this video.

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