Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ULA Circuit Backpack

I replaced my REI Crestrail 70 pack with a ULA Circuit. It is slightly smaller but is also half the weight of REI pack. So far I have about 12 miles on it fully loaded without food.  It is comfortable and handles the gear quite well.  I tried using the water bottle loops on the pack straps. I can't say that I like that set up. I found the water bottle to rub on my arm as I worked the trekking poles. Not to mention when it was empty, it made that bending plastic sound when I brushed against it.

 Today I did about 6 miles and used my 3 liter platypus. Still had the normal issues of having to unload some gear to get the bladder into the pack. The hydration sleeve barely held the bladder, I think it is designed more for a 2 liter model. So far I am liking the pack. I plan to pull everything out and get some proper weights as I repack things to find the best spot to put them. I will do up a video then.

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