Sunday, September 22, 2013

Adventure: #27 Cuivre River Overnight

I took a break from the seemingly endless supply of yardwork, home maintenance and 95+ degree weather to hit the trail again.  While it was just a short overnight, to a familiar location no less, it was good to just get out. The high was around 75 which made for just about perfect hiking conditions. The night was a little chilly in my fleece top quilt. It just does not have the coverage needed, not to mention I forgot a pair of long underwear. Temps dipped down to about 55 but my new Thermarest Xtherm did an excellent job of keeping my warmth away from the ground. The new TarpTent Double Rainbow gave me tons of room to spread out the back and shoes. Overall I am happy with some of the new gear choices and look forward to using them more.

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