Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cicada Molting

Typically when I am out in the bush I only carry my Kodak ZX5 camera. I rarely shoot any stills with it as there is no zoom and really I got it to shoot video, which it does fairly well.  I do have a large Nikon D90 DSLR that I occasionally use. I have plans to bring it out on some bushcraft day hikes, but it is quite heavy and not as robust as the Kodak. As a result, I sometimes shoot random pictures and forget to take them off.  Such was the case of these shots of a Cicada climbing out of a molt. These are not the 17 year Cicada but rather the standard every Summer Cicada.

We are ripe with Cicadas during the summer and their molts litter the underside of branches on all the trees in the yard. While I have found live ones climbing around I have yet to find one coming out of the molt.  But, back in August while mowing the yard, I found one perched on the side of the house.  I watched and shot pictures for about 20 minutes before I needed to get back to the yard work. It was a very interesting experience to watch him wiggle and shake trying to free himself from the old body. These are some of the better shots out of the bunch. You can see gallery over here.

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